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Company Information


RELS stands for Research on Effective Learning & Synchronicity. At the foundation in March, 2008, the company has been aiming to have effective learning and synchronicity (mutually valued meetings) in future.


The company logo is designed to use three primary colors for lights with triangle formation, which is very simple and strong.

Business Areas

The company is conducting following businesses;

1. Consulting on business management and Human Resources

2. Import, export, sell, coordinate and handle following products

Animal Health Products, Feed Additives, Quasi Animal Drugs, Diagnostic products and equipment, Feed and Pet Food

3. Translation and Interpretation

4. Other activities relating to the above

Cooperated Company

Master Vet MasterVet International Marketing Limited

Future Activity Plan

At present, the major activity is a consulting to Pharmaceutical Companies. In near future, Groom GD and Groom GD Plus with Chitosanoligosaccharide as a major ingredient will be introduced in Japanese market, which are products for livestock use. Please contact us if there are any questions on the products. It is planned to introduce other products which are useful for livestock industry.

Profile of the Company President

Yoshihiro Shimizu
1977Graduated from Master Course of Iwate University (Vet. Science)
1977Joined to Elanco Animal Health of Eli Lilly Japan K.K.
Worked for R&D, Marketing and Sales and Director of Animal Health Products Division, HR Director, and Compliance Director.
2008Early Retirement from Eli Lilly Japan K.K.
2008 MarchEstablished RELS Japan K.K. (President)